After almost 40 years of experience within the glass processing sector, in May 2017 the Italian company Adelio Lattuada Srl has established the LATTUADA NORTH AMERICA, INC. in Northwood (OH), in order to strengthened its presence in US and provide any type of pre- and post-sale services.

The US company building covers an area of more than 4,500 square feet and includes both the offices for the on-site staff and a wide warehouse for the spare parts management.

The technical assistance service is managed by Mr. Joseph Gates, who has a longtime experience in the glass working machines sector. He also follows the sales office, in direct connection with Mr. Nicola Lattuada, sales manager of the Italian main company.

Joseph’s wife, Mrs. Kelly Gates, is the person in charge for the administrative office.

The current machines range includes:

  • more than 30 models of electronic or with PC straight-line edging machines for the flat edge with arris and with variable angle from 5 to 16 wheels
  • peripheral edging machines with 4 and 6 wheels
  • complete line of double-edgers from 8 to 11 wheels on each side, for the flat edge with arris
  • more than 10 models of electronic or with PC straight-line bevelling machines from 7 to 14 wheels
  • 4 models of automatic corners grinding machines
  • complete range of vertical washing machines
  • complete line of horizontal drilling machines